1650s, from Latin ipse "self" + -ity.

Through glass, the body, mixed media, and alternative processes, I examine the transient natures of identity. The materiality of glass drives my work through the conceptual dualities that it possesses; fragility and strength, opacity and transparency, reflective and matte. I use these qualities to contextualize my ideas. I am interested in how one’s identity is formulated and altered through the experiences and memories of the places we live, and the people we surround ourselves with. I find inspiration through my own experiences, and the research of material and process. My family and the relationships I experience - either my own or between those around me - are also sources of inspiration. I am interested in embodying the varying definitions of identity and the dynamics of relationships through sculpture, performance, and installation, and I create as a way of understanding these dynamics.

I create flexible sheets of glass and glass textiles through a process of fusing and the addition of silicones, to explore glass as sheets, skins, and screens. I reconcile with material and memory to convey stories about identity, perception, and comfort.